Most chocolate companies import raw cacao beans grown in developing countries to manufacture them into chocolate bars in More Economically Developed Countries (MEDCs). These companies only produce chocolate from 'bean to bar'. 


Unfortunately, raw cacao beans have a much lower market value than chocolate products. As a result, typically less than 7% of the wealth generated of a 'Bean to Bar' chocolate product remains in the countries of origin, even if farmers are paid fairly for their cacao beans.   



To give everyone the opportunity to enjoy delicious, sustainable chocolate products, we proudly operate as Pacari's UK distribution center.


Pacari produces fair-trade and 100% certified organic chocolate products from  'Tree to Bar' in Ecuador. The enterprise has a simple mission: to produce the highest quality chocolate in the world in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. This strategy has paid off, as their chocolate has won over 200 International Chocolate Awards since 2012.



Country: Ecuador

Product: Pacari Chocolates


Countries: Bolivia, 

Brazil, Peru

Product: Brazil nuts



Although Brazil nut harvesting is an essential part of rural livelihoods, only a small fraction of the global supply is sourced ethically through certification. We operate as a consultant for SUSTAIN Peru, a project which aims to establish a sustainable supply chain of Brazil nuts produced in Peru to the Coop supermarket in Switzerland.


We have also created direct trade relationships between local Brazil nut producers in Brazil and Bolivia and bulk purchasers in the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Germany, and Singapore. We set up the initial contact, assist in the creation of bilingual contracts and keep track of the trade process to ensure the Brazil nut producers are treated fairly.

Country: UK

FBA Headquarters and 

Distribution Center 

What we do: we create new durable and sustainable business opportunities for small and medium farmers, producers and enterprises from developing countries in Latin America. Our main objective is to improve their livelihoods, their communities and their environment.


How we help: relying on our strong connections within the global food sector, we help communities to develop and launch local products on international markets and operate as an international distribution center. We are committed to ensuring most of the wealth generated by these products stays in the countries of origin.

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We work closely together with Pacari, a family-owned company which produces its chocolates from 'Tree to Bar' in Ecuador. 'Tree to Bar' means that the chocolate bars are produced and packaged in the country where cacao beans actually grow.


The 'Tree to Bar' methodology supports local communities, ensuring over 50% of the wealth generated by chocolate products stays in the country of origin. As Pacari also pays their farmers fairly for their produce, this is truly fair chocolate. 


Countries: UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore.

Brazil nut wholesale buyers

Countries: Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras

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"Creating a world where the way we live and work is fair for everyone and in harmony with the planet."



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Machala, Ecuador.

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